Gaetz Brook Junior High

Afternoon Bus Numbers

Bus 417  Lower East Chezzetcook starting at 836 EC Rd.
Bus 501 Head of Chezzetcook Loughran Dr., 6711 Hwy 7, 5923 Hwy 7,  Mary Etta Dr., Conrod Settlement Rd., Tower Rd., Roma Dr., and Porter’s Lake Station Rd / Meadowview
Bus 505 West Chezzetcook 7029 Hwy 207, 7396 Hwy 207, Mallard Lane, Keller Lane, Les Collins, Petain Station, Hill Rd, Start of Bellefontaine Rd.
Bus 506  West Porter’s lake Rd, Farther side of Bellfontaine Rd, Deermist, Mill Lake, Hwy 7/Narrows Lane Porter’s Lake
Bus 508 Lake Echo – Ponderosa Dr., Country Lake, Beech Hill/Martin Lake, Clarke’s Store, Busy Bee LE
Bus 511 – Grand Desert & West Chezzetcook - Bonin, Shore Rd/Bernice Dr, Hwy 207 & Conrod Rd, Loganberry
Bus 515 – West Porter’s Lake – Christopher Lane, Old Mineville Rd., Capri Dr., Otter Lane, Corrie, Greenough, Marjorie Dr.
Bus 516 – Porter’s Lake – O’Connell Dr., End of Myra Rd., Karen Scott Dr.
Bus 517 – East Chezzetcook/Gaetz Brook – Pinehill, Pleasant Dr., Lakehill Dr., Pearson Dr., Start of East Chezzetcook Rd., 755 E. Chez. Rd., & Mines Rd.
Bus 520 – Porter’s Lake & Lake Echo – Davidson Rd., Sandy Lane, White’s Tae Kwon Do, 3549 Hwy 7, Ballfield of LE Trailer Park
Bus 521 – Lake Echo – Happy Dr & Grumpy, Bumpy
Bus 522 – Porters Lake - Start of Myra Rd – Glazier/Deepwood/Westside Rd, Tanlor, Sugarwood, Dewberry
Bus 525 – Porters Lake – Crnr 7 & Carter, Sandy Point Rd., Stargazer & Gosling, Lori-Ann Dr., James Roy Dr., Mannette Crt., Candlewood, Porterfield, Heidlberg, Geneva Crt.