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Red Means Stop

Red Means Stop! School Bus Safety Reminder
HRCE has recorded 691 school bus stop-arm violations in Halifax Regional Municipality since the beginning of the school year. This means that motorists have failed to stop for a bus when its red lights were flashing and the stop sign was extended. This poses a serious risk to children and families who may be crossing the road to enter or exit the bus. Drivers may also face a fine and demerit points if caught by police.
Help us spread the word to remind drivers (including cyclists) that it is illegal to drive past a school bus when they see its red lights flashing and stop-arm extended.
Drivers must slow down and prepare to stop in all directions when they see flashing lights – either amber or red in colour – on a school bus. This means the bus is planning to stop or may have already.
Here are some safety tips from Safety Services Nova Scotia to keep in mind when waiting for or exiting the bus:
1. Stand back from the edge of the road.
2. Line up in single file when you see the bus coming.
3. Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop.
4. Walk, never run.
5. Make sure the bus driver sees you if you are crossing the road. Take 10 giant steps in front of the bus before crossing.
6. Wait for the bus driver to signal that it is okay to cross.
7. Always look both ways before crossing the road and listen for traffic.
8. Never cross the road from behind the bus.